Discovery Call

A coaching partnership should be a great fit for the adventure ahead. In this 20-minute call we hear about where you are and what you're hoping for. We also talk about the FKC coaching process and approach, giving us both an opportunity to see if it's a good match.

Discovery Call: FREE


Change-Maker Coaching Package (7 Sessions)

Over three months (7 sessions total), we use a personalized approach and evidence-based practices to navigate the essential elements for your personal/professional change. We explore where you are, where you want to be and move towards your goals. Why three months? Behavioral science tells us that this is how long it takes to move from thinking about to integrating a new change. Sessions are scheduled as follows: 3 sessions in first month, 2 sessions in second month, 2 sessions in third month.

This includes understanding what's being called for in your life now, your sense of purpose and thriving, setting goals and envisioning outcomes, breaking barriers, and experimenting and working towards successes and learning.

All sessions are 1 approximately hour in duration. Between-session support is available. After 3 months, sessions can be added in monthly increments.

Change-maker Package Cost (7 Sessions): $489 paid in 3 installments
Optional add-on sessions: $70


Light it Up Package (3 Sessions)

Do you need to get going on something? Do you want to try coaching in increments? This coaching package supports you in moving in the direction you desire along with trying out the coaching experience. With a sense of purpose and future vision, you gain momentum, motivation and progress in moving towards your goals. Sessions are scheduled every other week over two months and can be added on as needed. 

Average Session Length: 1 hour

Light it Up Package Cost (3 Sessions): $255


Lift-Off Coaching Session

If you know what you want to do, but just can't seem to get started, try the Lift-Off Coaching session. This single session employs techniques to boost motivation, insight and action. It also incorporates the powerful Immunity to Change process (developed by Harvard Professors Robert Kegan and Lisa Laskow Lahey). This process helps to reveal and experiment with fears and "truths" to decide if they’re really keeping us safe or just keeping us small. Clients benefit from increased momentum, clarity, alignment with core values, and the freedom to live bigger.

Session length: 90 minutes

Lift-Off Session Cost: $90
Optional follow-up session(s): $85




Joy Infusion Package (4 Sessions)

Joy comes in endless varieties. Based on psychology research in well-being, happiness and flow, the Joy Infusion Package is 4 sessions (over two months) designed to develop different threads of flourishing, both now and in the long term. Sessions focus on positive emotions, character strengths, flow, meaning, relationships, striving and creating the conditions for personal experiences of joy.

Avg. Session Length: 45 mins

Joy Infusion Package Price (4 sessions): $235 paid in 2 installments


Words from Clients

Meredith provided a special space and time for me to explore how I wanted to approach re-entering the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for many years. Her encouragement, creativity and introspective thinking were the perfect fit for me. Not only did our work culminate with having an action plan, but it also gave me the confidence to re-establish my professional identity."  --LC