Leadership & Team Effectiveness Training

A culture of rapid change requires self-leadership, group cohesion and the ability to draw on diverse and often conflicting perspectives in a complex environment.

Powered by the Everything DiSC® Assessment, L&TE Training is for individuals and groups who are ready to:

  • Bolster self-awareness and leverage individual strengths

  • Improve relationships among diverse individuals

  • Support a culture of cohesive, adaptable teams 

  • Change unproductive conflict into generative discussion

  • Root self-leadership in individual values

  • Increase leadership skills and ability to manage complexity 

This program is packaged in 1, 2 and 3-hour modules for flexible scheduling.

Workshop 1: Individual Styles and Motivations (1 hour)

Participants will:  

  • Learn key concepts for understanding individual motivations and behaviors 

  • Discover their own DiSC® style: recognize the priorities, motivators, and stress triggers that shape their workplace experience

  • Explore other styles: understand the contributions and misunderstandings among the DiSC® styles

  • Enhance leadership skills through increased self-knowledge, leveraging strengths and understanding diverse priorities

Workshop 2: Influence and Team Interaction (1 hour)

Participants will:  

  • Uplevel interactions and influence by identifying strategies to connect and communicate with colleagues of various styles

  • Learn to work more effectively to reduce tension, solve problems, and contribute positively to their organizations

  • Learn about the benefits of embracing tension and complexity in organizations

  • Practice the ability to consider multiple viewpoints simultaneously

Workshop 3: Developing Adaptive Leaders (1 hour)

Participants will:

  • Learn a framework of leadership that encompasses diverse styles and behaviors

  • Debunk myths and outdated mindsets about leadership

  • Increase self-awareness of individual leadership habits and behaviors

  • Identify values-based motivation 

  • Increase ability to manage complexity, range of leadership behaviors, and decision-making agility

  • Apply learnings to a complex leadership situation  

About Everything DiSC®

This workshop incorporates the Everything DiSC® Workplace Assessment. The DiSC® is a framework for understanding individuals’ innate motivations, priorities and styles. The model is easy to understand allowing for quick insight and application. 

Based on decades of rigorous research and refinement, the DiSC® model is comprised of four universal behavioral styles: Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness. Each of these styles incorporates critical behaviors for individual leadership and effective teamwork. 

  •  Each participant receives a personalized 20-page report that includes:

  •  An overview of the DiSC® styles and framework

  • Individual’s values & priorities 

  • Individual’s motivators & stressors

  • Common reactions to other styles

  • Motivations behind other styles

  • Strategies to increase effectiveness with others 

This workshop is designed to increase awareness of strengths, limitations and conflicts among these styles, recognize the power of each and adaptively harness it in the moment. Optional follow-up workshops, assessments and activities are available to deepen application.