What are you ready to begin in 2018?

A Special Coaching Offer for the Women of WeWork (WOWW)

Dear Women of WeWork,

Welcome to Firekeeper Coaching! I’m Meredith Anderson, a Harvard-trained coach, who's passionate about empowering women’s voices, values and visions. What do you want to create for yourself in 2018?

During January, I'm offering a limited amount of discounted coaching packages only for the Women of WeWork.

This WOWW offer includes 5 individual coaching sessions over 2 months. In each session, we work towards new insights and strategies in pursuit of your personal and professional success. Example topics/steps include:

  • Determining the focus for our work together
  • Exploring personal purpose and mission
  • Mining for strengths and flow
  • Defining goals
  • Breaking through barriers
  • Goal pursuit, tracking, learning & celebrating

The price is $34 per session for a total of $170.

Here are some reasons women have come to Firekeeper Coaching in the past:

  • To get support in taking their businesses to the next level
  • To develop positive coping strategies for when things get tough
  • To gain a clearer sense of what they want and who they are (and what might be holding them back)
  • To feel more organized and less scattered
  • To maximize use of their energy
  • To feel more empowered to speak up for themselves
  • To make a leap in careers
  • To feel more joy and flourishing in their lives
  • To reduce anxiety and stress
  • To get support in planning and taking actionable next steps
  • And many others…

Please feel free to check out the rest of the Firekeeper site and don’t hesitate to email me at Meredith@firekeepercoaching.com. Space will be filled on a first come, first served basis.

Cheers to your success in life and work!


PS: This page is hidden to the general public. You can only get here by visiting the URL: www.firekeepercoaching.com/woww


Amelia Earhart. AN Original badass woman.

Amelia Earhart. AN Original badass woman.

Words from Clients

"I approached Meredith at a time when I needed help with rejiggering my thoughts, leaving negativity behind, and moving on with life after a heartbreaking divorce. I loved my coaching experience! Meredith helped me set clear goals and achievable sub goals to turn things around. Most importantly for me--because I needed more help with this--she helped me come up with specific strategies that still move me to take a mental break and put me back on my positive track when something unpleasant happened or when I over-focused on the 'bad' and 'wrong' in my life and in the world." --RM